Thursday, June 30, 2011

What the Duck? (Meauseum of Design Atlanta) (9 Photos)

Imagine waking up to an Art Installation of a flock of ducks lining up on the middle of the street ... in Atlanta that's what the Museum of Design Atlanta precisely did in an effort to get people to MODA and visit the Museum’s new exhibition WaterDream: The Art of Bathroom Design.

Art We Love: Supeheroes (10 Photos)

Artist Danny Has portrays the double-life of our beloved superheroes perfectly!

Street Art: Zebrating Art Edition (9 Photos)

We love Graffiti & Street Art and we get SUPER excited & giddy when we see something new and creative!

Colorful Abstract Paintings by Matt Lifson (8 Photos)

Awesome. That is all.

Creative Cards (9 Photos)

Check out these cute illustrative cards from "I Egg Press". 

Start Your Day with Beautiful/ Creepy Soap Sculptures (9 Photos)

Would you send these beautiful bunch to a loved one?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Princess Diana Alive at the Age of 50?

Newsweek's latest cover story, "Diana at 50: If She Were Here Now," imagines Lady Di's appearance, and her life, as it might have been had she lived to mark her 50th birthday on Friday.

VW : The Dark Side (3 Videos)

Green Peace wants you to "join the rebellion" against VW, when it comes to the environment. They claim that Volkswagen continue to support groups that are trying to stop Europe reducing greenhouse gases. They've even launched an entire site.

                                          Episode I

I've got EYES for You! (11 Photos)

Cars We Love: Porsche (11 Photos)

Ever wondered how the Porsche came to be?

If Picaso was A Cartoonist ... (8 Photos)

... He'd create Cubic Super Heroes. 

Inspirational Posters (10 Photos)

NFM website designed these beautiful, inspirational posters with famous quotes:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creative Ads (8 Photos)

What's More Awesome Than Liu Bolin? (16 Photos)

... Being Invisible is. Thats what's more awesome.

Liu Bolin's latest Graffiti Murals in New York:

Creepy Street Art is Beautiful (8 Photos)

 Street artist Iemza and photographer Thierry Gaude creates alien-like street art that is dark and captivating.

We HEART Illustrations! (9 Photos)

Illustrations from the José Azevedo's sketchbook.

Football Lovers, This is for You! (12 Photos)

Illustrator Zoran Lucić  showcases his passion for football in this series of posters titled "Sucker for Soccer". Click here to see the entire posters.

Stoyn Ice Cream (8 Photos)

Stoyn is an Ambient Advertising Agency. They Stoyn Creative Ice-Cream was a creative experiment; creating ice-cream resembling known symbols & icons like Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, etc. The ice-cream is made from natural ingredients. The best part, you can order it online!