Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspiration: Logos With Hidden Messages (23 Photos)

The best Logo designers can integrate hidden messages and imagery in the tiny piece of Art. Here are some examples on brilliant hidden messages in Logos:

1) 1Here There
 The reflection of the (1 Here) creates the (There)

2) Mira
 At first glance, it's a face. But can you see the play
with the negative space (eyes) to create two dogs?

3) Raven
 How many ravens do you see in this logo?
If you answer 3, you obviously didn't consider
the negative space between the 3 ravens
to create the 4th.

4) Countercurrent
 At first glance, there are 4 arrows pointing
to the left. But can you see the 5th arrow in the
middle pointing to the right?

5) Helping Hands for Pets
 I cannot even begin to count the number
of animals created in the negative space
of the horse. 

The two apostrophes  create a toilet.
Enough said.

7) Old Drunk
 The jolly fat fellow also has a wine glass
in the middle of his body.

8) Kolner Zoo
 See Logo #5. 

9) Galant
 Galant is a show manufacturing company.
A closer look at the negative space create 
a G and a shoe!

10) My Font
 We have seen this logo a hundred times.
It never occured to us to take a closer
look at "My". Q) Can you see it?
A) It's a hand!

11) Black Cat
Reading it vertically, it spells out
Black Cat. But look at the C's ... 
I can feel the cat's eyes staring right
down my soul ... *shiver* 

12) OAK Brothers
 It's a simple oak leaf. No? Look at the
leaf. Can you see 3 heads?

13) Pittsburgh Zoo
 Even though i'd LOVE to redirect you
to logo #5 and #8, I think the artwork
here is fascinating. A Gorrila, A Feline
(of some sort) 2 and a half fish (no pun
intended) and probably much more. 

14) Project X
 Nope, not FedEx, but close. The T and X
create a FedEx-y sort of arrow.

15) Mother
 The M create an illusion of a Mother
and Child holding hands. How cute is
that? (don't say 'aww')

16) The Installers
 The I in Installers is created using the
illusion of two open doors. Convenient?

17) AG Low LTD
 This kind of reminds me of the arabic Kufi typography.
Using A/G/L/O/W letters to create a weird building
with the O as the door.

18) I Hate You
 Yes, you heard right. It is NOT an
I (HEART) You Logo. Look at the heart,
it is made of the letter H.A.T.E. 

19) Electric
 The negative between the letters
create plugs and wires (take a closer look
at the letter E)

 20) Hide
 Conveniently enough, the letter D
is hidden between the I and E.

21) Lion Bird
 Since we love anything to do with
felines, the logo caught our fancy.
The Bird creates a Lion. (sounds
like an old mystical proverb)

22) Logo
 Empty blocks places together
to create the word Logo.

23) A -Maze-Ing
It really is A-Maze-ing. 

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