Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Local Talent: Mike V. Derderian (16 Photos)

Mike V. Derderian is an illustrator / writer who combines brilliant drawings and cartoons with witty narratives. One of his famous comic strips are the infamous shenanigans of Maki and Me-ouch in The Dark Side of the Spoon featured in UMen Magazine. 

On his blog you can see how Derderian combines his love for vivid and graphic writings alongside strong and brazen visuals. 

Because if you have an Elephant in the room, the best thing to do is play UNO.

To know more about Mike Derderian:
Tasmeeme portfolio:

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  1. Why you naughty Innovajo!


    I just saw your blog post about my work (that I am glad you liked).

    Thank you for the shout out :-})